introduction - on to reality

        IDEAS           Directory                     April 15th,   1986

        LETSPLAY - IDEAS offers an analysis of money - what it is, how it 
        affects our lives, its relationship to community, and the 
        structural problems of our current economic system.

        Specific proposals are made for the application of small scale 
        self-administered local currencies to remedy many of the present 

        The exploration of these proposals is supported by a simulation 
        game package, designed as an educative tool.

        FILE      TOPIC                                   LAST REVISION

        ID-1      Following arguments.                    November 25th
                  Reasons for using reason - playing without getting hurt 
                  - forming hypotheses - testing and extrapolating - the 
                  importance of being earnest - coming from Missouri - 
                  look and see - guided tours - confusion and ignorance 

        ID-2      A better mousetrap.                     Novenber 25th.

                  The necessary and sufficient conditions.
                  Distinctive advantage - width of application - long 
                  term and short term compatibility - bumpless transfer.

        ID-3      Origin of the species                   November 25th.

                  A simple history of money systems.

        ID-3-1    Golden calf.                            December 12th.

                  Intermediate carriers of value - universality and 
                  denomination - precious goods - attribution of value - 
                  images of reality - original sin - single vision and 
                  Newton's sleep

        ID-3-2    Paper tiger.                            November 25th.

                  Banking on the numbers - promises,promises - 
                  credibility - tickets to ride.

        ID-3-3    Magnetic monster.                       November 25th.

                  Things in the saddle - centres of power - trading the 
                  future - take me to your leader - the dance of death.

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        IDEAS           Directory                     April 15th,   1986

        ID-4      Current affairs.                   

        ID-4-1    Money makes the world go round.         December 12th.

                  A description of our present dependency - in it for the 
                  money - the piper and the tune - N.S.F. - SNAFU - idle 

        ID-4-2    Zero sum games.                         November 25th.

                  Winners and losers - looking after no. 1 - survival of 
                  the fittest - rules and tactics

        ID-4-3    The causes of poverty.                  December 12th.

                  Poverty and hunger - farming and financing - where does 
                  the money go ? - does it matter ? - there's a hole in 
                  your bucket -coming and going - the invisible hand

        ID-5      Observations.                           December 12th.

                  The impoverishment of the community 
                  the balance of trade - keeping the pressure up - 
                  selling the soul

                  Misdirection of effort 
                  doing the wrong thing harder - goal displacement - If

        ID-6      Critical analysis.                      November 25th.

                  Money as a scarce commodity 
                  if money grew on trees -

                  Money as a universal commodity 
                  now you see it, now you don't 

                  You need skin.

        ID-7      Local currency systems.                 December 12th.

                  keep the home fires burning - local directions

                  Technical difficulties 
                  credibility - backing - volume in circulation - 
                  initiation - costs - compatibility - stability - 
                  legality - vulnerability - nevertheless 

                  Gesell - Guernsey - others

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        IDEAS           Directory                     April 15th,   1986

        ID-8      Personal money.                         November 25th.

                  The right to committment - if you could give your word 
                  - who steals my purse

        ID-9      LETSystems.                             December 12th.

                  Technical solutions - all of the above - simplicate and 
                  add lightness

        ID-9-1    Theoretical Context.                    December 12th.

        ID-9-2    Definition.                             December 12th.

        ID-9-3    Members' Agreements.                     December 12th.

        ID-9-4    Notes on Definition.                    December 12th.

        ID-9-5    For example.                            December 12th.

        ID-10     Check and compare.                      December 5th.

                  Costs and benefits 
                  cost is what you give to get something - what do you 
                  give ? - what do you get ?

        ID-11     Compatibility.                          December 12th.

                  Joining the dance - profitability rules

        ID-12     Yeah, but....                           December 5th.

                  I might get hurt 
                  why take a chance ? - covering costs - myob

                  He might get hurt 

                  It might get hurt 
                  they won't like it - don't rock the boat - the 
                  emperors' clothes - Ghandi's response - systems of 

        ID-13     On Consideration.                       December 7th.

                  When all is said and done - things that don't exist - 
                  money problems - experience

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        IDEAS           Directory                     April 15th,   1986

        ID-14     Playing it out.

        ID-14-1   Introduction to LETSPLAY.               April 15th.

        ID-14-2   Rules of the game.                      April 15th.

        ID-14-3   Game Forms.                             April 15th.

        ID-14-4   Extra notes.                            April 15th.     

        ID-14-5   Predictable results.                    April 15th.

                  the richer the poorer - testing, testing -
                  victimless crime - local developments

        ID-14-6   Applications.                           December 12th.

                  economic simulation and planning

        ID-14-7   Program notes.                          April 15th.

        ID-15     Inescapable conclusions                 December 8th.

                  Anyone who uses money.
                  The money back guarantee - marked bills - safe as any 
                  bicycle - rewards of persistence

        ID-16     Systematic essentials                   December 8th.

                  Resilience - limits to growth - contra-indications

        ID-17     Parameters and other numbers.

        ID-18     Considerable evidence.

        ID-18-1   Existing LETSystems 

                  the story so far - CV and beyond

        ID-18-2   User Reports.                           December 10th.

        ID-18-3   Effective precedents 
                  trading systems - marketing schemes - national 

        ID-19     In summary.

                  The means whereby - it would be nice - dollars
                  that make sense - time and tide. 

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introduction - on to reality