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        ID-14-6         Applications.                 December 7th,  1985

        The basic structure of LETSplay allows both for simple 
        introductory games and for major econometric simulations.

        Minimal data on the current patterns in the local economy can be 
        used to estimate the potential effects of green currency on 
        consumer expenditure.

        This yields strong indication of the areas likely to demonstrate 
        growth and create demand for labour.

        There will be considerable value in the development of 
        sophisticated computer programs capable of projecting and 
        evaluating developments several years in advance.

        Landsman will do research in this field.

        The first objective will be to establish appropriate strategies 
        for the initiation of LETSystems in communities of all sorts.

        Later work will focus on providing intelligible information to 
        support communities in choosing their own directions.

        It is arguable that the introduction of local currency systems 
        will finally allow economics the proper status of a rational 

        Up to this point, economists have been manifestly incapable of 
        quantifying or predicting anything of any great relevance, beyond 
        doom and gloom.

        Ceteris paribus, it has indeed been a dismal science.

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