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        ID-4-1     Money makes the world go round.     January 8th,  1986

        Things only happen in the economy because of the way money is 

        Most jobs are done simply because someone wants them done and 
        has the money to pay someone else to do them, for the money.

        Many of the people with the most to spend, and therefore with the 
        greatest influence on what happens, show no particular capacity 
        to spend with wisdom.

        Nobody would consider giving a loaded weapon to a child, and 
        allowing it to fire wherever it liked.

        Yet we daily pass large sums of money into a process that almost 
        inevitably gives it, and its power, to people who show little 
        evidence of wisdom.

        The catalogue of trivial pursuits is endless and presents a 
        dismaying picture of our culture.

        Consider how many essential projects are shelved because there 
        are "not sufficient funds" - N.S.F., while various insanities 
        take place merely because the money is made available. 

        Those who enjoy Kafka may appreciate the irony of this frantic 
        dance where the paper matters more than the reality, where things 
        that need to be done, and could be done, are not done simply for 
        the lack of pieces of paper.

        But none of us can consider ourselves independent of the farce, 
        while we need money to live, and must dance to the piper's tune.

        It is axiomatic that anything which cannot perfectly perform its 
        function must be judged at least partially inadequate.

        The purpose of money is to facilitate trading.

        Conventional money fails to connect those who want with those who 
        want to provide.

        That unemployment exists when human needs are unmet is specific 
        testimony to the inadequacy of conventional money.

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