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        ID-17           Parameters.                   December 29th, 1985


        It is important to establish simple numeric parameters by which 
        system performance can be monitored and compared.

        The parameters proposed below are intended to be used in close 
        conjunction with the charting of system performance available in 
        LETSplay and soon to be included in the general LETSystem program 

        The more clearly the relationships can be graphically represented,
        the better will people understand their own business.

        1. Trading Volume.       V

        2. Balance.              C+ or C-

        3. Ratio.                C/V

        4. Number                N+ and N-

        5. Total money           S   -   Sum of (C+)

        6. Mean Credit           S/N+ 

        7. Mean Committment      S/N-

        8. Focus                 RMS of Ratio for whole system.

        Some of these parameters can be usefully monitored in particular 
        subsets of the system, i.e. for all with positive balance, or all 
        who joined the system last quarter, or those from the north end 
        of the community, or all commercial accounts, etc.

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