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        ID-3            Origin of the Species.        November 26th, 1985

        Origin of the Species.

        A simple history of money systems.

        We have first to discover what money is.

        Most of us know as much of money as the fish knows of water.

        It is ironic that we know so little about something that affects 
        us so much.

        Particularly since money is a purely human cultural contrivance, 
        with no counterpart in the natural world.

        It is a system that has evolved over millenia, through a variety of 
        political and social conditions.

        On the way it has acquired attributes which may have more to do 
        with responses to problems in the past than to opportunities in 
        the present.

        It is surely inconceivable that such a random concoction should 
        represent the optimally efficient means to achieve our economic 

        It is surely possible that cheaper, more efficient and more 
        responsive systems could be derived.

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