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                     LETSPLAY  --  RULES OF THE GAME

  *     The purpose of this game is to introduce you to the idea of 
        personal money, and to show you how to use it.

  *     You are presumed to be a member of a community.

        As in the real world, you earn and spend in a series of trades, or 
        plays, each involving yourself and another player.

        You start the game with $200 of imaginary "federal" money in a bank 
        account, and with a personal money account with an initial balance 
        of zero "green" dollars.

  *     In each play you are either a buyer or a seller.

        As a buyer, you choose, from the list, the item to be purchased.

        When you are a seller you may assume, for the purposes of this 
        game, that you have the goods or services the buyer requests.

        After each play, you must change partners.

  *     Your game is complete when you have purchased ONE item from EACH of 
        the ten groups on the list.

        During each game, you may make no more than 15 sales.

        As in the real world, you will have variable and unpredictable 
        earnings from the plays in which you are the seller, and must 
        manage this income, as best you can, to make your budget.

  *     "Federal" $ bank accounts must not be overdrawn.

        Your "green" $ personal money account will be positive (in credit),
        or negative (in commitment), according to your trading history.

  *     In the first game, green $ are not available and all transactions
        require the total price to be paid in federal $.

        In the second game, you may use green dollars in any purchase, at 
        the % green possible, as specified on the list of items.

        In the third game, you should begin to consider the stability
        of the green dollar, and may, at your own discretion, decline to 
        accept green dollars from another player if that player seems to be 
        spending excessively without comparable earnings.

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