This offering is dedicated 

                                   to Shirley, 

                    whose love and support make it possible,

                     and to the armies of those that I love, 

                             who make it essential.     

                                It is undertaken

                                    for Gaia,

                             for love and for money,

                             and for the joy of it,

                             And fully acknowledges

                              the spirit of Raven.

                                                Thanksgiving Day, 1985.


                                                      January 8th,   1986


                     LETSPLAY is an invitation open to all.  

                       The basic rules of the game are : -

                               the game is open -

                        you can come and go as you like.

                               the game is safe -

                   nobody gets hurt, whether they play or not.

                             the game is a winner -

                    everybody wins, whether they play or not.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              INTRO     Page    2

                                                      January 8th,   1986

        LETSPLAY, the game, is introduced in three sets of papers,

                         LETSPLAY  -  IDEAS

                         LETSPLAY  -  REALITY

                         LETSPLAY  -  VISION

        the whole being placed in context and relationship through a 
        further set,

                         LETSPLAY  -  PERSPECTIVE

        Ideas, which are entirely abstract and can be arranged and re-
        arranged at whim or will, represent the creative, projective and 
        thus essentially male aspect of this whole.

        Reality, being of entirely sterner stuff, allowing neither 
        compromise nor even discussion, represents the female.

        It is important to know the difference between male and female.   

        It makes the game more possible and more satisfying.

        Vision derives from the marriage of the two, a proper, conjugal 
        relationship that respects the essential distinctions between the 
        dimensions and brings their full potential into play.

        Vision is generally only available to those who have both some 
        understanding of ideas and some experience of reality.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              INTRO     Page    3

                                                      January 8th,   1986

        The application of this process to the economic relationship 
        between people, and the development of LETSystems, is described 

             LETSPLAY - IDEAS offers an analysis of money - what it is, 
             how it affects our lives, its relationship to the 
             community, and the structural problems of our current 
             economic system.

             Specific proposals are made for the application of small 
             scale self-administered local currencies to remedy many of 
             the present problems.

             The exploration of these proposals is supported by a 
             simulation game package, designed as an educative tool.

             Program support available : - LETSPLAY in Pascal source code 
             or compiled for IBM PC compatible computers.

             LETSPLAY - REALITY provides support for implementing the 

             Program codes and simple administrative guidelines are 
             provided to allow interested persons to initiate their own 
             LETSystems with a minumum of effort and expense. 

             Program support available : - LETSystem source codes for 
             application with dBASE II  ( copyright Ashton-Tate ) 

             LETSPLAY - VISION introduces a further level of the game in 
             which players who have developed their understanding of the 
             whole picture can coordinate their efforts to greater mutual 
             and general advantage.

             LETSPLAY - PERSPECTIVE covers the essential methods and 
             ideas that are effective in gaining the greatest benefits 
             from the process as a whole.

        You are invited to explore these ideas, to participate in their 
        further development and/or bring them to the attention of others 
        who might be interested.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              INTRO     Page    4

ideas - reality - vision - perspective