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        ID-14-5         Predictable Results.          March 21st, 1986

        LETSplay has been kept as simple as possible while reflecting 
        real conditions in the world.

        It is intended to show the distinction between a scarce currency,
        which tends to establish competitive processes, and one whose 
        supply responds to requirements.

        The distribution of "cash" within the game will diverge on either 
        side of the initial $200 issue, so that some players will have 
        higher cash balances and others will have lower.

        The "rich" will enjoy a trading advantage and will generally try 
        to maintain it.

        This inevitably means constraint on the average transaction size 
        of "poor" players.

        The "green" accounts will show that each player is able to 
        arrange trading without being particularly constrained by others.

        Notice that these consequences emerge in even the simplest game, 
        where no "cash" money actually leaves or enters the community.

        Variations in the cash supply will however aggravate the effect 
        since they emphasize the value of security, and encourage holding 
        money in reserve, for a rainy day.

        The game also provides intelligible experience with the graphing 
        styles that are most effective in understanding LETSystem performance.

        The experience of moving markers on the game charts will teach 
        the players how to interpret similar charts in real life.

        This is the basic information by which the community manages the 
        balance of credit/commitment in a LETSystem.

        Some little exposure to the game will allow any with concerns 
        about the stability of the process, or the potential risks of 
        different styles of use, to explore the possibilities in depth.

        The most common anxiety, that people will take and not give, can 
        be seen to be of little concern.

        This is so, largely because the consequences of such behaviour in 
        a LETSystem fall principally on the perpetrator, who becomes the 
        only real victim of his crime.

        It requires a high proportion of such participants to detract 
        from the ability of the other players to gain value for their 

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        ID-14-5         Predictable Results.          March 21st, 1986

        The process of the game clearly demonstrates the economic 
        advantage of dealing in goods and services with a high local 
        value added component.

        Goods and services from outside sources that require cash dollars 
        are limited by the money supply available.

        The implications for the development of local manufacturing and 
        agriculture are interesting.

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