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        ID-1       Following Arguments.               January 8th,   1986

        Following arguments.                    

        There are many good reasons for using reason.

        The human mind has the apparently unique capacity to form 
        abstract ideas and consider how they work.

        This form of play allows us to create and contemplate 
        possibilites without a great deal of risk or effort.

        This first section of LETSplay is totally devoted to this level 
        of exploration.

        You are invited to follow a series of connected arguments, to 
        test and probe them, and to consider the implications they raise.

        A certain degree of intellectual honesty is required of the  
        reader who hopes to learn anything from this exercise.

        The ideas offered are so simple and the implied consequences so 
        dramatic that it is tempting to dismiss the whole thing as "too 
        good to be true".

        The reader is strongly recommended to continually verify from 
        his/her own experience that the ideas do indeed make sense, both 
        in themselves, and in reality.

        This requires the willingness to look and see what is indeed so 
        in any situation.

        In a guided tour of this nature, it only makes sense to follow 
        accurately the directions given.

        Only those who follow the recipe get the cake.

        Since the conclusions of this game are dramatically different 
        from the current mythologies of conventional economics, the 
        reader can expect to encounter a certain amount of perplexity.

        A flat earth is not consistent with a whole earth.

        "Only those who are willing to enter with respect into their deep 
        and universal ignorance....."

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ideas - further