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        ID-11           Compatibility.                January 8th,   1986


        Utopian idealism is a good idea as good ideas go, and as good 
        ideas rarely go, it doesn't.

        There are no end to the number of good ideas.

        Many of them really are good, and would work perfectly well - if 
        only everybody else would do it too.

        That's the problem.

        Most good ideas require too great a dislocation of normal 
        practice, or perhaps too great a degree of mutual trust, to 
        expect them to work in the real world.

        Do as you would be done by - trust your neighbour.

        The majority of people take the wholely rational view that the 
        majority of people don't - so they don't.

        Anyone who does is not acting realistically - so they can't be 

        Naive, childlike, unreliable etc., etc.

        It is all probably true.

        One cannot expect individuals to adopt measures that make no 
        sense individually.

        The beauty of the LETSystem is that it works with small groups of 
        people, and pays dividends right from the start.

        Any person or business can use a LETSystem to personal advantage, 
        even if simply to make more cash, even if there are only a dozen 
        or so members.

        And they can do so entirely free of risk of loss.

        If you want to attract someone's attention, it makes sense to 
        find out what holds their interest.

        Most people are interested in money - making it or saving it or 
        getting out from under it.

        Since anyone with the merest intelligence can be shown how to use 
        a LETSystem with profit and without risk, there need be little 
        problem in establishing the process in most communities.

        That's just the way the snowball rolls.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              ID-11     Page    1

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