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        ID-2            A better mousetrap.           November 26th, 1985

        A better mousetrap.                

        The necessary and sufficient conditions.

        When inviting the world to beat a path to a doorstep, all the 
        relevant criteria of "better"-ness have to be established.

        A better mousetrap has to provide clear performance advantages 
        over existing equipment.

        It has to be generally applicable in a wide variety of 

        It should have long term advantages, so that it is not seen as a 
        mere flash in the pan.

        It should be immediately applicable to existing conditions so 
        that no major modifications of basic procedures are involved.

        Its introduction should cause little disturbance so that there
        are minimal negative effects to offset the benefits realised.

        Offering distinctive advantages over conventional money, being 
        compatible with virtually all existing systems, and having little 
        or no procedural drawbacks, LETSystems satisfy all the above 

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