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        ID-18           Considerable Evidence.        December 29th, 1985

                            Considerable Evidence.

        For those who remain unconvinced by simulation or theoretical 
        projections, the matter must be finally resolved by reference to 
        actual experience.

        The best way to satisfy this need is, of course, to start a 
        LETSystem and discover the facts at first hand.

        Some significant evidence is, however, already available for 
        those who are interested and willing to consider information at 
        second hand.

        We are reluctant to make any great issue of the history to date.

        Actual performance is still far below the potential described in 
        these texts.

        People who are particularly dependent on history may easily be 
        misled into thinking that the story so far represents the 
        potential significance of LETSystems.

        It is appropriate to remember that, although the Wright brothers' 
        first flight lasted a mere 8 secs, the important fact was that 
        sustained powered flight had now been proved possible.

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