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        ID-13           On Consideration.             December 7th,  1985

                            On Consideration.

        It is worth looking at both the pros and the cons.

        People will quite properly be cautious.

        And everybody will have their own opinion.

        Most of the discussion will be hypothetical in nature.

        Particularly when the item in discussion is a new idea, and there 
        is no preliminary experience to draw on.

        The problem with hypothetical arguments is the tendency for the 
        main points of discussion to move when you aren't looking.

        Concrete physical objects are easier to locate.

        It will pay to make concerns as specific as possible.

        Then you can see when they are handled.

        Undefined considerations cause vague disquiet which can never be 
        properly allayed, since the root of the concern eludes analysis.

        We have so far found that all the considerations expressed about 
        LETSystems have their origin in our experience of dealing with 
        conventional money. 

        All the concerns which have been raised, for security, equity, 
        control or whatever, have their counterparts in all other 
        currency systems.

        People suffer from inflation, exploitation, fraud and all the 
        other irritants as it is.

        The first question is whether these problems actually exist in 
        LETSystems, and, if so, whether they are better accomodated.

        One can, and eventually, of course, must, discover the answers to 
        such questions in practice in the real world.

        Experience will tell.

        However, it is always possible to play  " What if...? "

        What if someone tries to take advantage of the community ?

        LETSplay is designed to support the exploration of all such 
        concerns, at no risk and in a few hours of play.

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