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        ID-18-2         User reports.                 December 11th, 1985

                                  User reports.

        I am a single mother with three pre-school children;  my monthly 
        income is from social assistance.  The LETSystem has made my 
        existence quite a bit easier by allowing me to fit my skills and 
        time of working around my busy schedule.       A lot of the 
        traditional "male" jobs I need done about my house (car 
        maintenance, wood gathering, carpentry) I am able to get for 
        green dollars;  or I could learn myself, as lessons in all of 
        these are available as well.

        Without this system our Christmas would have been very bleak.  
        The children were given handcrafted toys, and other family 
        members were given pottery, jewelry, and candles.  All of my and 
        my children's clothing now comes through LETS.   We get some of 
        our food through LETS.

        I feel that I am valued in the community for the work that I 
        provide.  I like to have my small children exposed to this 
        alternate monetary system;  they now check out if goods are 
        available for green or federal dollars.  I have met many new 
        people through the LETSystem and feel that our sense of community 
        in the Comox Valley has greatly increased.  I have also found 
        that people have skills which they haven't used or thought about 
        in years, and it is all being drawn out and interest re-kindled.  
        People have started to value themselves differently and come 

                                   Joy Dryburgh

        LETS is a very welcome addition to the economy of the Comox 
        Valley and region.  It reflects people's ability to meet each 
        others needs regardless of the current state of the economy.  Its 
        value lies in its separation from the monetary system. We, as a 
        family, have found employment and "purchased" goods and services 
        of a wide variety - employment being readily available when there 
        was none locally and "purchases" that would not have been possible 
        for a cash outlay.  The LETSystem is a very positive addition to 
        the area and its further expansion opens up unlimited 

                          Barbara Hopkinson
                          B.A.,M.A. Topwn & Reg.Planning,
                          Univ. of Sheffield, England

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        ID-18-2         User reports.                 December 11th, 1985

        The LETSystem has been a great help to me, enabling me to 
        purchase things I would not otherwise have been able to afford.   
        I have used the system for everything from paying rent to 
        furnishing a house.  I have not had a lot of employment in the 
        past year so LETS has really helped to subsidize my income.  I 
        have used it to purchase food and my winter's supply of firewood.

        I have no trouble making green dollars in the system.  I am a 
        carpenter by trade and find that people who couldn't otherwise 
        afford to have work done are glad to employ me for green dollars.  
        One employer who couldn't afford to pay me my usual hourly rate 
        was able to pay me part green and part federal dollars.

        I think the system is great and would really encourage people to 

                                         Charles Turner

        Living on a tight budget I've always felt I had to do everything 
        by myself or it would have to go undone.  I was especially 
        pressed every spring when fisherman spouse went off for the 
        summer season leaving a large yard, garden, house and 2 young 
        preschoolers in my charge.  Last spring should have been the 
        worst ever - a new excavation leaving the backyqard a riot of 
        disturbed rocks and clay.  By joining LETS I was able to hire one 
        person to dig the garden and two persons to landscape the 
        backyard - what fun it was for me to work with others.  I solved 
        a problem, met and interacted with new people, and felt a new 
        sense of wholeness and community.

        The quality and variety of work LETS members offer to do is 
        inspirational.  I've bought down mittens, edible mushrooms, lamp 
        shqades made to order, firewood; had the windows washed, children 
        cared for, haircuts; been on a field trip identifying local 
        edible plants and taken T'ai Chi lessons, to mention a few.

        To hold up my end of the account, I hosted a LETS garage sale, 
        paid $25/month federal towards office rent, cared for children, 
        and made frozen casseroles to order.  My husband traded some of 
        his salmon catch.

        To feel active in a creatively interacting community has been a 
        wonderful experience.  My image of self-worth has increased - 
        trust and respect of others growing accordingly.  The largest 
        gift of all has been the relief through the realization that even 
        though the general economy is in a recession, my family is alive 
        and functioning with a flair.

                                           Margaret Pattison

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        ID-18-2         User reports.                 December 11th, 1985

        I joined the LETSystem in December l983 and, for one month, was 
        totally inactive.  I was genuinely afraid of committing myself to 
        spending green dollars without "having" any first; and, as a 
        mother of two young children, I doubted my ability to generate 
        any.  What could I do ?  I talked to many members of the 
        LETSystem during this time and gradually realized that I and my 
        family had all that was required to operate successfully - we had 
        "spare" time which we were wasting on TV and we had "spare" 
        things which were going unused.

        Once I realized that, the trading began.  We danced, received 
        help through family counselling (my husband's teenage daughter 
        came to live with us and we all are making adjustments to each 
        other).  We ate perogies.  At the same time I traded off a lot of 
        baby equipment (which is so dear to buy new, but difficult to 

        Most importantly, I began to do some writing for the LETSystem  - 
        in those quiet moments during children's naps or after supper.  
        This restored in me the realization that I am a capable and 
        creative person, and that I do have the ability to contribute to 
        my community.  This is beyond any dollar value.


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