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        ID-19           In Summary.                   January 8th,   1986

                            In Summary.

        First you say what you are going to say, then you say it, and 
        then you say what you said.

        We follow a simple sequence in these texts.

        We identify a problem.

        We locate its causes.

        We propose a solution.

        We provide means whereby the proposal may be exhaustively tested.

        We offer critical analysis.

        We point to objective evidence.

        We leave it up to you.

        It may be, indeed, it is highly probable, that a first reading of 
        this information will have left you a little confused.

        It is most tempting to deal with confusion by dismissing the 
        matter entirely.

        Probably this seems too good to be true.

        But what if it is true ?

        Surely you would agree that it would be nice if it were really 
        all so simple.

        Why not review the contents of this section until you are 
        satisfied, one way or the other ?

        For if this is indeed everything that it claims to be, it 
        deserves your attention.

        It is simply an idea for you to consider.

        But it is, after all, from ideas that we create reality.

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        ID-19           In Summary.                   January 8th,   1986

        In order to justify any particular course of action, three 
        things have to be properly established :

                  - that it generates benefit,

                  - that it can indeed be done,

                  - that the costs can be managed.

        There can be little doubt in the intelligent mind that, as far as 
        money goes, any small change would be appreciated.

        The present facilities are clearly inadequate.

        Wherever the principal resource of the economy, human energy and 
        application, is underemployed, or misemployed, and there are yet 
        needs unmet, there is room for improvement.

        Up to this point in history, it has been argueable that there was 
        little that could effectively be done about it.

        Evidently, since so many have devoted so much effort to bring 
        about change with so little to show for it.

        Every advance has been achieved only after immense effort to sway 
        the political animal, by information, by propaganda, by bribery 
        or coercion, by education, by gosh and by golly.

        The mechanism of society has been firmly established by the 
        routine pursuit of money and the power structures that surround 
        that mechanism have shown little inclination to release whatever 
        control exists.

        The task seems almost hopeless.

        The task of initiating LETSystems might be equally hopeless if 
        they and other such personal currencies presented serious threats 
        to such power structures.

        Or if a majority in government was necessary before proceeding.

        Or if people had to risk anything that they couldn't afford.

        No such impediments, however, exist.

        LETSystems are simple, safe, legal, benign, amusing, practical 
        and, above all, available.

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        ID-19           In Summary.                   January 8th,   1986

        The final consideration must always be the costs involved, both 
        those clearly inevitable and those that might arise.

        If you can't afford to do it, you can't do it.

        We see no reason why people should ever be deterred from starting 
        LETSystems on grounds of financial costs alone.

        The development program described in the REALITY section, 
        particularly REA-5,6,and 7, should establish that LETSystems can 
        make both dollars and sense.

        Clearly there will be instances where to start one might be 
        construed as a direct attack by a repressive regime, and in these 
        cases people should be guided by their own best judgement.

        The rest of us, who may consider we live in a world that offers 
        us some choice, both personal and political, now face something 
        of a challenge.

        If not now, . . when ?

        If not us, .. who ?

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