ideas - introduction - vision

        REALITY         Directory.                    January 8th,   1986

        LETSPLAY - REALITY provides support for implementing the ideas.  

        Program codes and simple administrative guidelines are provided 
        to allow interested persons to initiate their own LETSystems with 
        a minumum of effort and expense. 

        FILE      TOPIC                                   LAST REVISION

        REA-1     Real games in the real world            November 25th

                  LETS get serious - another game in town - only fun if 
                  it's fun - just give me some truth - if in doubt, read 
                  the instructions

        REA-2     Community is a verb                     November 25th

                  No nouns - definition by function

        REA-3     A society of friends                    November 25th

                  Who goes there ? - in our best interests - no threats 
                  to survival

        REA-4     How to start                            November 25th

                  You need friends - a social contract - right from the 
                  start - smart and wise

        REA-4-1   Constitution and Roles.                 December 10th

        REA-4-2   Member instructions.                    December 10th

        REA-5     Open for business                       November 25th

                  Commercial significance - accounting procedures - 
                  pegging value - short and long term

        REA-6     Guarantees.                             November 25th      

                  Establishing a revolving fund - passing it on - holding 
                  paper - a matter of pride

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              REALITY   Page    1

        REALITY         Directory.                    January 8th,   1986

        REA-7     LETSfund.                               November 25th

                  More power to the people - unpaid levies - proposals - 
                  equity - the local stock market 

        REA-8     Registration.                           November 25th      

                  Acknowledging source - networking - inter-system 

        REA-9     Tactics and Strategies.

                  Using LETSplay - local influence - 2x4 touches - 
                  raising the ante - neutralising opposition

        REA-10    Existing facilities.

                  Non-competitive service - tools at hand - any number 
                  can play - established networks

        REA-11    Administration.

                  Procedures - forms - data processing - management by 
                  consent - costing and charges - keeping it simple

        REA-12    Taxes.

                  Render unto Caesar - support facilities - unemployment 
                  insurance / employment assurance - social assistance 
                  and the poverty trap

        REA-13    Multiple systems.

                  Criteria of community - small is beautiful - 
                  decentralisation - intertrading - non-hierarchy

        REA-14    Records and Statistics.

                  Charting progress - sharing information - definition of 
                  terms - database

        REA-15    Communications.

                  Sharing information - tools at our disposal - the 
                  community facility - future directions

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              REALITY   Page    2

ideas - introduction - vision