reality - introduction - perspective

        VISION          Directory.                    January 8th,   1986

        LETSPLAY - VISION introduces a further level of the game in which 
        players who have developed their understanding of the whole 
        picture can coordinate their efforts to greater mutual and 
        general advantage.

        FILE      TOPIC                                   LAST REVISION

        VIS-1     Supergames.                             November 25th.

                  Flying, united - turkeys and ravens - doing it right - 
                  day dreaming - benign conspiracy - looking for the 
                  spaces - you and me - Augustine's logic - Manhattan

        VIS-2     Company of adventurers.                 November 25th.

                  Business as usual - rewarding initiative - developing 
                  the nucleus - getting the job done - mutual support

        VIS-3     Capital ideas.                          November 25th.

                  The money market - getting to vote - ethical and 
                  practical, legal and general - establishing authority - 
                  public demonstration - exception to prove the rule

        VIS-4     Landsman's proposition.                 November 25th.

                  Focusing the energy - ceding the space - a minor 
                  concession - compensations - in any case

        VIS-4-1   LETSystem Vancouver.                    November 25th.

                  A suitable case - population & demographics - geography 
                  - economy - communications - politics - theatre - 
                  numbers that work - personal taste

        VIS-4-2   Terms of employment.                    November 25th.

                  Little Red Hens - evident committment - pure 
                  speculation - entailed revenues - Gideon - 
                  contributions acknowledged - bonus - fringe benefits - 

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              VISION    Page    1

        VISION          Directory.                    January 8th,   1986

        VIS-4-3   Project direction.                      November 25th.

                  Co-ordination of contributions - budget projections and 

                       Working groups.

                            Management team.
                            One monkey don't make no show - look and see

                            Local talent

                                 Text and translation
                                 Video packaging

                            Systems design
                                 Communications and Database

                                 Simulations and analysis

                            Cultural anthropology 
                                 Research and design

                            Accounts and other records

        VIS-5     Bidding procedures.

        VIS-6     Current Requirements.

        VIS-6-1   Software.                               December 10th

        VIS-6-2   Hardware.                               December 10th

        VIS-6-3   Finance.                                December 10th

        VIS-6-4   Communications.                         December 10th

        VIS-6-5   Recommendations, please.                December 10th

        VIS-7     Schedule.                               December 12th  

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              VISION    Page    2

reality - introduction - perspective