vision - introduction - summary

        PERSPECT        Directory.                    January 8th,   1986

        LETSPLAY - PERSPECTIVE covers the essential methods and ideas 
        that are effective in gaining the greatest benefits from the 
        process as a whole.

        FILE      TOPIC                                   LAST REVISION

        PER-1     Games people play.

                  General theory - all the world's a game - minus through 

        PER-2     Looking and Seeing.                     November 26th.

                  Discovering reality - aim, fire, ready ? - heuristics 
                  and macros

        PER-3     The big picture.                        November 26th.

                  Getting it all at once - linear thought - how can I go 
                  forward ?

        PER-4     Following arguments.

        PER-5     Complex problems/simple solutions.      November 26th.

        PER-6     Power and steering.                

                  Being and becoming - heading and direction - the heart 
                  of the matter - renaissance - monkey say, monkey do

        PER-7     Shifting paradigms.                     November 26th.

                  Tilt - personal history - original  research

        PER-8     Acknowledgements.                       November 26th.

                  Sources and resources - literature - educational - 

        PER-9     Recommendations.                        November 26th.

                  In 50 words or less - lending support and credibility

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        PERSPECT        Directory.                    January 8th,   1986

        PER-10    Connections.                            December 12th

                  A little list - networking - second opinions

        PER-11    Further Directions and general scenarios.

        PER-12    Action and responsibility

        PER-13    Imagination

                  Using your head 

        PER-14    The Office of the D.A.                  December 5th

                  Where's the beef ? - point counterpoint - nemo me 
                  impune lacessit - Cyrano invites

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vision - introduction - summary