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        VIS-2      Company of adventurers.            December 12th, 1985

        Company of Adventurers.

        Business as usual.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd. is incorporated in B.C., Canada.

        It is a management and consulting group engaged in the design and 
        development of tools for community support.

        Landsman considers that the best interests of the individual and 
        the community at large are served when social organisation 
        rewards both initiative and co-operation.

        Rewarding initiative.

        We feel that there is no great harm in offering substantial 
        prizes for particularly valuable contributions, provided that the 
        prizes do not impoverish those who provide them.

        Consequently, Landsman's plan for the development of LETSystem 
        technology makes generous provision for rewarding those whose 
        foresight, talent and effort are instrumental in doing the job, 
        and does so with minimal expense to those who benefit from the 

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