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        VIS-4-3         Project Direction.            December 12th, 1985

        Project direction.

        Co-ordination of contributions.

        The purpose of the LETSystem Vancouver proposition is the 
        earliest development and distribution of effective tools for 
        application in LETSystems in general.

        The initial plan in Vancouver will probably follow some variant 
        of the Guarantee package described in REA-6.

        Alternative suggestions are welcomed.

        All persons or groups wishing to contribute in any way to the 
        program will be invited to join one of a variety of working 

        Each group will be responsible for optimising its own 
        effectiveness as a unit and in relation to the other working 

        Budget projections and liaison.

        How should a basic budget of $1 million best be applied to the 
        task at hand ?

        The initial program will derive from the interactions of the 
        various working groups.

        It is intended that the process will be flexible enough to allow 
        major changes of direction as required.

        The key idea is that of working together.

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        VIS-4-3         Project Direction.            December 12th, 1985

        Working groups.

        Management Team.                   Proposed budget    $100,000

             One monkey don't make no show.

             A variety of project management skills are required.

             Experience with or interest in computer information systems 
             seems essential.

             Landsman will work with LookANDSee MANagement procedures.

        Marketing.                         Proposed budget     $100,000

             Local talent.

        Publications.                      Proposed budget     $500,000

             Text and translations.

                  Print publication of edited LETSystem information, i.e.
                  - member information
                  - administration documentation
                  - research papers
                  - LETSplay as a board game
                  - introductory workshop manuals
                  - extracted texts
                  - periodical reviews

             Video packages.

                  General support materials, i.e.

                  - 1 hour general broadcast documentary 
                  - 2 hour music/drama supporting audience participation
                  - 6 x 15 minute workshop guides
                  - various specialised training shorts

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        VIS-4-3         Project Direction.            December 12th, 1985

        Systems Design.                    Proposed budget     $100,000


                  LETSystem support for minor and major applications.
                  LETSplay variants, with econometric modelling options.


                  Architecture for large scale, multi-user, real-time 

             Communications and Database.

                  Developing information exchange and support for 
                  registered LETSystems.

        Econometrics.                      Proposed budget     $ 50,000

             Simulations and analysis.

        Cultural Anthropology              Proposed budget     $ 50,000

             Research and Design.

                  - 1st world
                  - 2nd world
                  - 3rd world
                  - others

        Accounts and other records.        Proposed budget     $ 50,000

             Administrative maintainance.


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