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        VIS-6-4         Communications.               December 12th, 1985


        LETSystems of any significant size will use computers.

        The best support for the development and communication of these 
        ideas is the effective use of a computer networking system.

        Landsman will make the latest information on all aspects of 
        system performance and design available through a major 
        interactive facility.

        This facility will also provide a forum for conference on 
        software modifications, market development strategies, etc.

        Initial approaches are being made to DELPHI, EIES, Whole Earth 
        'Lectronic Link (WELL), and the Telecommunications Cooperative 

        Landsman has opened an account on DELPHI and will use its mailing 
        and conferencing systems as funds allow.

        Any comments and suggestions about the best immediate directions 
        would be appreciated.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              VIS-6-4   Page    1

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