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        VIS-6-1         Software Requirements.        December 12th, 1985

                            Software Requirements.

        Our present software complement includes

             WordStar            MicroPro       origin of copy unknown.

             dBASE II (CPM)      Ashton-Tate    cost $1000 Can., Dec. 1982
                                                now obsolete.
             dBASE II (DOS)      Ashton-Tate    origin of copy unknown.

             dBASE III (DOS)     Ashton-Tate    cost $500 Can, Nov. 1984.

             QMODEM 1.03 E       John Friel

             WS-DOS              Public Domain

        MicroPro, Ashton-Tate, and Borland International have been 
        contacted and invited to bill us for software where applicable.

        We are willing to undertake an account with any supplier who is 
        willing to wait a little for the money.

        We consider we would be well equipped if we had current versions 
             Sidekick and Superkey, 
             dBASE II, a word processor, a spreadsheet and a 
             communications program,
             a RAMdisk and some other utilities.

        Any suggestions are welcome.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              VIS-6-1   Page    1

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