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        VIS-6-2         Hardware Requirements.        December 12th, 1985

                            Hardware Requirements.

        We are presently operating with an IBS (an IBM PC type) with 256K 
        RAM, twin 360K floppy disk drives, a Zenith monochrome monitor, a 
        Roland PR-1111 printer, and an Avatex 1200 modem.

        While the performance of all these components has been entirely 
        satisfactory, we are approaching the limits to growth.

        Any improvements would be appreciated, i.e. hard disk and 
        extended RAM.

        The secondary development of LETSystems will generate 
        considerable markets for equipment.

        Interested manufacturers and suppliers are invited to consider 
        the potential benefits of support and collaboration.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              VIS-6-2   Page    1

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