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        VIS-4-1         LETSystem Vancouver.          December 12th, 1985

        LETSystem Vancouver.

        A suitable case.

        Vancouver recommends itself as a test case from almost all 

        Population and demographics.

        The basic population and demographic structure is typical of any 
        major Western urban grouping.

        It is large enough to be classed as a full scale city, without 
        having reached that stage of growth that separates its process 
        and problems from those of the majority of other cities.

        It is not Mexico City or Hong Kong.

        The population are as well educated as most, and less prone to 
        extremes of action than many.

        Whatever works in Vancouver should work with modification almost 



        The geography allows very well for the development of multiple 
        local LETSystems and thus Landsman, managing the largest of 
        these, will be well placed to design and test interactive 

        The independent localised operations will be well differentiated 
        by local geography and transportation patterns.

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        VIS-4-1         LETSystem Vancouver.          December 12th, 1985


        Vancouver serves the rest of the province in the same way as any 
        port in a banana republic.

        The economics of Western Canada in general and B.C. in particular 
        are definitely on the last frontier, where the last of the would-
        be robber barons attempt to face down the irresistible force of 
        "organised" labour.

        One bright aspect of their mutual headlock is that it hinders 
        their apparent mutual purpose of destroying resources as fast as 
        it makes money and damn the consequences.

        The major economic activity in Vancouver is thus, inevitably, 
        sales, with comparatively little production of finished goods.

        These factors render ideal conditions for establishing "green" 


        The city is already well served with modern communications 
        facilities. and is vying for a place in the forefront of new 

        Currently proposals are being voiced that Vancouver should become 
        the major financial centre of the Pacific Region when the lease 
        expires on Hong Kong. 


        The basic political flavour of Vancouver is progressive and 

        There is every possibility that the current administration will 
        see this initiative in good light, and that the current 
        opposition will press the issue.

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        VIS-4-1         LETSystem Vancouver.          December 12th, 1985


        EXPO 86 is theatre on the world stage.

        It is typical of such events that people who go there see things 
        for the first time.

        Visitors are thus already available for new experiences, as are 
        the local protagonists.

        Most world fairs and festivals have fringes where the real action 
        often emerges.

        LETSGO 86 !

        Numbers that work.

        In order to create, at $200 per business membership, a basic 
        budget proposal entailing $1 Million and 200,000 shares, and 
        thereafter generate yields on shares in the region of $20 pre 
        tax, a business community of approximately 50,000 is required.

        Victoria is too small, and Seattle is too big.

        Personal taste.     

        I like Vancouver.

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