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        VIS-6-3         Financial Requirements.       January 8th,   1986

                            Financial Requirements.       

        The long term viability of Landsman Community Services Ltd. is 
        not in serious question.   Estimates of net assets within five 
        years exceed $10 Million.   Long term projections are somewhat 
        more optimistic. 

        Nonetheless, up to the present, considerable time, energy, and 
        money has been spent - and misspent - in development.    Almost 
        $200,000 has been applied, $65,000 in cash and the balance in 
        contracts for shares.

        The present liabilities of Landsman are approximately $5,000, of 
        which about $1,000 are current and critical.

        Total necessary operating expenses, including a repayment 
        schedule for all outstanding accounts, is approximately $1200 per 

        Revenue from local operations in the Comox Valley, from 
        registration of LETSystems worldwide, and from consultancy in 
        associated fields can confidently be expected to meet and far 
        exceed these expenses. 

        Almost any day now.

        However, without some degree of assurance of support emerging by 
        January 31st, Landsman will be forced to curtail the scale of 
        present operations.

        While this will not jeopardise the maintainance of existing 
        operations, it will seriously reduce the time available for 
        further developments if the principal designer has to go out to 
        work to pay the bills.

        There are many people and organisations in the world, with 
        considerable assets at their disposal, who are concerned about 
        how best to deploy those assets.

        Any degree of support for Landsman will be both secure and 
        profitable to all concerned. 

        We are willing to contemplate almost any options that will 
        satisfy the requirements of potential backers.

        $10,000 will assure the continuity and success of this entire 

        Lesser amounts will provide interim working capital to maintain 
        present levels of operation.

        We can produce fully detailed accounts and projections for 
        serious enquiries.

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