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        VIS-6-5         Recommendations.              December 12th, 1985


        There are no maps for this territory.

        There is no precedent of such a simple and communicable idea 
        offering such immediate and practical benefits.

        Neither has there ever been a time in the history of the planet 
        when conditions were so critical for so many, and our actions so 
        clearly yet inextricably related.

        What we do in the world we do largely because of money.

        The way money moves in the world has increasingly dictated our 

        Communities have subordinated themselves to the demands of the 
        world market economy, progressively losing their autonomy.

        LETSystems offer a significant, and unprecedented, opportunity 
        for communities everywhere to better choose their own directions.

        If you see the scale of this project, you will realise the value 
        of finding proper direction.

        Landsman invites your recommendations.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              VIS-6-5   Page    1

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