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        VIS-4           Landsman's proposition        November 26th, 1985

        Landsman's proposition.

        Focusing the energy.

        In order to maximise the effectiveness of the effort applied to 
        the development of LETSystems, we propose to conduct a very 
        public demonstration of the process in Vancouver, B.C.

        While there will obviously be most opportunity for local people 
        to take part in this, it will also be possible for people from 
        communities all over the world to contribute ideas, contract for 
        software and hardware development, produce screenplays, etc and 
        share in the profits generated.

        By generating this particular focus we can use and redistribute 
        the most effective components of initiatives from all over the 

        Ceding the space.

        We would like to undertake this process without the complications 
        of having to compete for space with other similar enterprises.

        We recognise that this implies a certain tolerance by the local 

        Landsman will after all be fully intent on making a profit from 
        that community.

        Even though this profit will be recycled locally consistent with 
        LETSfund protocol, it is nonetheless a specific exception to the 
        rule that LETSystems shall only accrue funds in the name of their 
        own community.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              VIS-4     Page    1

        VIS-4           Landsman's proposition        November 26th, 1985

        A minor concession.

        We feel however that the concession is minor, particularly in 
        view of the stimulating effect on the Vancouver economy of the 
        focused attention and the enhanced support for the more localised 
        LETSystems operating independently within that region.

        Indeed, it is strongly arguable that the community adopted for 
        the Landsman demonstration will advance by as much as a year its' 
        application of LETSystems with all the attendant benefits.

        In any case.

        There are as yet no serious attempts in that or any other such 
        community in the world to establish genuine community currencies.

        We make the assumption that as yet nobody is sufficiently 
        interested to contest the issue.

        We would be quite surprised to find that anyone could offer any 
        significant improvement in the cost/benefit relationship we are 
        offering, and indeed would probably be one of the first to give 
        precedence to any such initiative.

        After all, Landsman is not into survival.

        However, until any question arises, we will act as though the 
        opportunity exists and there are no significant contestants.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              VIS-4     Page    2

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