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        VIS-1           Supergames.                   December 12th, 1985


        Flying united.

        It would seem a little banal to develop an idea like this and 
        then distribute it through the usual channels.

        Rather like flying along above the road and using bridges to 
        cross rivers.

        A different medium implies different vehicles and the proposition 
        of an economic you and me context positively invites you and me 
        styles of incorporation.

        Landsman is thus designed as a form of extended co-operative both 
        to lay guidelines for other operations and also to maximise 

        Turkeys and Ravens.

        All birds are birds but some have styles all of their own.

        The raven is the most versatile and powerful bird on the Pacific 
        West Coast.

        It can fly at high speed through a forest and steal a logger's 
        lunch from under his hardhat.

        A turkey is something else.

        Doing it right.

        Since this would appear to be a thing worth doing, it would be 
        regrettable if it were not done with the utmost flair and 

        Let's do this right.   Eh ?

        Day dreaming.

        "All men dream, but not equally; some dream by night in the dusty 
        recesses of their minds and wake to find their dreams were 
        vanity.     Other men dream by day with their eyes full open and 
        such men are dangerous for they make their dreams reality."
        T.E.Lawrence, from, I believe, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

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        VIS-1           Supergames.                   December 12th, 1985

        Benign conspiracy.

        "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."

        If that seems unlikely, then consider the French version -
        "Bienheureux sont les debonnaires...."

        Those of good air.

        Conspiracy means breathing together.

        Sharing our hope.

        The Aquarian conspiracy inevitably brings into being, is brought 
        into being through new forms of organisation, predictably having 
        more to do with service and less to do with survival.

        Looking for the spaces.

        There is a game that many people can play in a small space.

        They each move as rapidly as is safely possible round and round 
        and in and out of the crowd.

        The key is to look for the spaces, and then to go through them.

        Players who look out for problems often end up running right into 

        It is recommended that such games are best played in a state of 
        comparatively high attention.

        You and Me.

        The basic rule of LETSplay, that this can work for all of us, 
        suggests that the best approach is to work as though we have 
        nothing to fear from each other.

        And yet not to be dependent upon anyone or anything in particular 
        as that is the surest way to cause undependability.

        Augustine's logic.

        It was St.Augustine's argument that it made good sense to believe 
        in God.

        If she doesn't exist, you will never know.

        And if she does, and you don't, you will feel foolish in the end.

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        VIS-1           Supergames.                   December 12th, 1985

        There is often a very high percentage in believing in something, 
        and very little in discarding it.

        Certainly, when you can act as though something is so without 
        risking any great loss should you turn out to be wrong, then 
        there doesn't seem to be much point in giving it much less than 
        your best shot.

                 "It's the heart afraid of breaking,
                                 that never learns to dance,

                  It's the dream afraid of waking,
                                 that never takes the chance,

                  It's the one who won't be taken,
                                 who cannot seem to give,

                  and the soul afraid of dying,
                                 that never learns to live."


        The Manhattan Project was a whole hearted, concerted and 
        brilliant achievement by a dedicated group of people driven by 
        the urgent necessity they saw to prevent catastrophe.

        It is not generally a great idea to raise any sense of panic as 
        it tends to drive people to extremes of action.

        However, nothing quite concentrates the mind as the contemplation 
        of one's imminent death, and it appears to me that the conditions 
        of life on this planet now demand a certain concentration.

        There is every indication that things are in a mess and nobody 
        really knows what to do about it.

        So maybe it's time for some similar focusing of human energy, 
        hopefully, with more positive intentions.

        As the previous analyses have shown, the through-flow of 
        conventional currency almost inevitable impoverishes the 

        This creates cancerous conditions throughout the whole body 
        politic, at all levels.

        Landsman proposes that the quality of life in communities 
        throughout the world can be enhanced through the adoption of 
        variants of LETSystems, and intends to provide a focus for 
        research and development of the appropriate tools.

        Your participation is invited.

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