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        VIS-4-2         Terms of employment.          December 12th, 1985

        Terms of employment.

        Little Red Hens.

        The draft program for the LETSystem Vancouver clearly shows that 
        no money is available until it is available.

        Only by generating 5,000 business accounts at $200 each will we 
        produce the budget requirement.

        Hence we are definitely talking payment by results and it is to 
        be hoped that this will effectively sort the sheep from the 

        Unless you are confident that this whole program is entirely 
        realistic, or can afford to write off the time and energy if no 
        funds emerge, then don't even think of applying.

        This bandwagon is for little red hens only.

        Evident committment.

        Landsman cannot afford to involve people in this process who are 
        not entirely clear about their committment.

        Nothing is quite so discouraging as finding the troops deserting 
        at the first whiff of grapeshot.

        Pure speculation.

        Landsman will undertake specific contracts to pay its' 
        contributors from generated revenues only.

        It could place the entire operation in jeopardy to undertake 
        specific payment schedules and then find time lags in the cash 

        It is probable that funds can in fact be generated to match the 
        requirements of the participants, either through actual sales or 
        through the enlightened support of some venture capital group, 
        but no reliance can be placed on this conjecture.

        Hence Landsman will only promise payment on realisation of 
        revenue, and only people who are comfortable with this should 
        consider involvement.

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        VIS-4-2         Terms of employment.          December 12th, 1985


        This recruitment process resembles Gideon's troop selection 
        prior to the battle with the Midianites, (see Judges Chpt 7.)

        Contributions acknowledged.

        The cash and green payments made to persons contracting with 
        Landsman will be augmented by two bonus issues of "shares" in 

        One issue of 100,000 will be distributed amongst participants on 
        the basis of performance up to the end of the development period.


        A further 100,000 will be allocated one year later when further 
        assessments can be made of the actual effect of particular 

        People who appreciate all aspects of the program should have 
        little difficulty in recognising the likely future value of the 

        For those who do not the point is irrelevant.

        Hence the total deployable resources of the program exceed the 
        basic $1 Million by a considerable amount.

        Conservatively, we anticipate approximately 400 person months of 
        applied energy at a median payment of $2,500 per month plus 
        "shares", and expect to complete this program within 6 months.

        Fringe Benefits.

        The little red hens who do the job will of course not be limited 
        to this effort, and will no doubt be able to implement almost all 
        the useful aspects of the prototype operation in their own 

        A spinoff benefit of their contribution to Landsman's efforts is 
        thus the enhanced development of their own LETSystem and the 
        satisfaction and recompense therefrom.


        Landsman will not consider applications from persons who are not 
        seriously engaged in LETSystems development in their own 

        Persons who are thus qualified will often be the initiators of 
        registered LETSystems, and will certainly be active members of 
        their local operation.

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