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        REA-4      How to start a LETSystem.          January 8th, 1986

        How to start a LETSystem.

        You need friends.

        You can't do a LETSystem on your own, so you will have to find 
        some other people.

        If there is a LETSystem already operating in your area, check it 

        If it is doing well, join and enjoy yourself.

        If it could use help in getting going, give it some help and 
        enjoy yourself.

        If there isn't one operating in your area, look into starting 

        If you have ten friends you can do it from there.

        If you don't have ten friends you can probably find someone who 

        An initial membership fee of $5 should be sufficient to cover all 

        In addition, each member should provide a current cheque for $10 
        to initiate the Guarantee program.

        A social contract.

        Contracts have to be simple, because fine print will never hold 

        If a basic willingness does not exist between parties no 
        regulation can guarantee anything.

        The essential social contract is to refrain from jeopardizing the 
        survival of a friend by taking conventional money when the local 
        currency is appropriate.

        I won't take money out of you and please don't take money out of 

        It is important to establish the meaning of this contract for the 
        early development of the system to proceed quickly and smoothly.

        If it is not clearly defined then some confusion is likely until 
        players find their balance.

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        REA-4      How to start a LETSystem.          January 8th,   1986

        While it is prefered and recommended that all players fully 
        recognize and act on that understanding, it must be recognized 
        that some will feel it necessary to have some cash flow and they 
        should be encouraged to participate, even at that level.

        It will still be to the advantage of all.

        Definition and Constitution.

        The existing files on LETSystem structures and constitutional 

        Roles and Procedures.

        The Trustee, Staff, Advisors.

        Each ultimately responsible to his/herself.

        Cycle of service and recognition.

        Temporary positions.

        Right from the start.

        Since you are proposing to start something based entirely on your 
        own word, you had better be properly committed.

        There is no great possibilty of any damage, but if your intention 
        is not particularly well defined, then the LETSystem may tend to 
        reflect that origin.

        This points to the value of starting small and getting it right 
        from the word go.

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        REA-4      How to start a LETSystem.          January 8th,   1986

        Smart and wise.

        Short cuts can have long consequences.

        There are many well proven techniques for the hyper-stimulation 
        of a growth process, from bonus offers and multi-level 
        discounting, to sales on commission and toasters and Cadillacs.  

        All have their place and it is not in the promotion of a 

        Each new member of a LETSystem is being offered the opportunity 
        to use their personal word as money.

        This may take some time to become clear, particularly if the 
        circumstances of their early experience are confused by marketing 
        and promotional techniques.

        Furthermore, it is inappropriate that anyone should take personal 
        advantage of this situation, and extract profit from a community 

        The organisation and direction of marketing the LETSystem in any 
        community should be approached with the greatest respect.

        A sales team should be compensated in relation to the development 
        of the system rather than in relation to the mere number of 
        accounts they enroll.

        Sales commissions where considered appropriate must be in green.

        If you are in it for the money, it had better be green.

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