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        REA-14          Records and Statistics.        January 8th,  1986

                            Records and Statistics.

        It makes sense to know what is happening.

        Particularly in the early stages of the development of 
        LETSystems, accurate information about trading statistics in 
        general will be of immense value.

        Comparative performance will be the best guide to the 
        effectiveness or otherwise of the various strategies for 
        initiation and expansion adopted in each community.

        It is almost inevitable that some systems will suffer from abuse, 
        perhaps to the point of dissolution, although, technically, this 
        should never be necessary.

        The first indications of such disease and disorder will be 
        detectable, and may allow the problems to be averted, if the 
        pathologies have been previously recorded.

        It has often been the case that the development of new 
        technologies has taken place in an atmosphere of frantic 
        competition and secrecy.

        In the early days of aircraft, some designers even misinformed 
        others to hinder their progress.

        This project has neither need nor tolerance for any such 

        If you know something of value in this context, it can do nothing 
        but good to share your knowledge.

        The gift will return.

        It is of prime importance that we develop specific terminology to 
        best manage accurate communication.

        Words like acknowledgement and commitment have precise meanings 
        in LETSystems, meanings which, in conventional use, are often 
        vaguely defined and applied, and which are NOT equivalent to 
        payment and debt.

        This consideration applies especially to the statistical 
        terminology by which we will be monitoring and comparing system 
        performance, and through which we hope to quickly generate a 
        comprehensive database.

        This database will initially be dedicated to the support of 
        emerging LETSystems, offering benchmarks and guidelines for 
        systems of all shapes and sizes, operating in varied 
        circumstances all over the world.

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