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        REA-1      Real games in the real world.      November 26th, 1985

        Real games in the real world.

        Lets get serious.

        Games are played by rules, whether we know them or not.  

        The understandings and agreements built into a game generate a 
        range of different tactics and behaviours between the 

        It would seem adequately clear that the exclusive use of 
        conventional currency leads to patterns of behaviour that are 
        almost inevitably detrimental to both the individual and the 

        We propose that it would be a good idea if many people in many 
        communities all over the world were to initiate LETSystems to see 
        what the difference it makes.

        Another game in town.

        Conventional money has for some time been virtually the only game 
        in town, and a game one seemingly has to play whether one likes 
        it or not.    

        We think it proper that there should be more choice available.    

        If there were another game in town there would then exist the 
        choice to play or not to play, either one or both.

        Only fun if it's fun.

        It matters not who won or lost, but how they played the game.

        A major distinction between a survival game and a convivial game 
        is the element of relaxed enjoyment.    

        This should be done with grace.   

        People come to the party when they expect to have fun.

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        REA-1      Real games in the real world.      November 26th, 1985

        Just give me some truth.

        One thing about this process is that you will quite quickly find 
        out who your friends are.   

        This can be quite disconcerting.  

        A person who has been depending on you to supply a part of his 
        cash flow may turn quite nasty when invited to accept a currency 
        only of value within a smaller community.   

        That is understandable, since in his eyes you seem to be 
        threatening his survival and that would be an unfriendly act.    

        While this is a mistaken understanding on his part, it will 
        dominate his attitude until he actually does see what this is 

        It is important to make full allowance for this, and to be 
        prepared for some unreasonable hostility.

        We tend to cover many of the unpleasant truths of economic life 
        with a veneer of conventional politeness.

        LETSystems make it possible to end the unpleasantness, but will 
        at first tend to expose it.

        If in doubt, read the instructions.

        Keeping it simple is the essence of good engineering.    

        The proposed frameworks for LETSystems have been quite carefully 
        designed to minimise un-necessary elements, and are highly 

        Please develop some experience with this primitive package before 
        embarking on any particularly drastic revisions.

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