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        REA-8           Registration.                 November 26th, 1985



        Acknowledging source.

        The simple concept of a LETSystem is a gift, and it would damage 
        the integrity of the process to restrict its distribution by 
        demanding payment.

        Landsman has no long term need of external funds to repay its 
        efforts to date.

        No group using the LETSystem concepts or programs should regard 
        itself as being under any formal obligation to send support.

        At the same time, it is customary for gifts to be acknowledged.

        Indeed, it is generally regarded as prudent to acknowledge the 
        origin of a magic spell if one expects it to work.

        The rate at which Landsman can develop and distribute this 
        material is highly dependent upon cash flow.

        It is up to you.


        The principal benefit of registration is the opportunity for the 
        development of a large connected collection of communities 
        operating with consistent terms of reference.

        Software modifications will be regularly available to LETSystems 
        registered with Landsman, as will all other operational updates.

        Establishing the communication framework for such a community of 
        communities will provide for powerful information exchange in 
        many other areas of social and business action.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              REA-8     Page    1

        REA-8           Registration.                 November 26th, 1985

        Inter-system exchange.

        LETSystems are designed primarily to serve the internal 
        infrastructures of cellular communities.

        Conventional money must be expected for some time to manage the 
        majority of transactions across community boundaries.

        Inter-community exchanges will become available through a 
        LETSystem of those LETSystems registered with Landsman as they 
        develop maturity.

        Such transactions must necessarily represent only a small part of  
        the activity of any community or the essential function of the 
        LETSystem, to circulate money locally, will be infringed.

        The ethics of exchange through such a system will hopefully have 
        more to do with social justice and intelligent use of resources 
        than existing facilities.

        It will be recognised that the proper basis for responsible 
        trading is the effective distribution of surplus without the 
        creation of dependency or the exploitation of labour.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              REA-8     Page    2

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