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        REA-4-2        Member Instructions.           January 8th,   1986

                           LETSystem USER INSTRUCTIONS

        General Notes.

             - you can use LETS by telephone
                                by mail
                                by visiting the office personally.

             - the system is designed around the telephone and the 
               message recorder is open for calls 24 hours a day.     

             - please start any message by identifying yourself and 
               quoting your LETS number.

             - please develop the habit of using the words printed in 
               BLOCK letters when leaving messages.

             - the present machine limits messages to 45 seconds.  If you 
               are interrupted by a tone before completing the call, dial 
               again and start where you left off.

             - complete your message with some sort of sign-off to avoid 
               confusion with others.  e.g. "Thanks,  That's all,  Good-

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        REA-4-2        Member Instructions.           January 8th,   1986


             OFFERS  and REQUESTS are written in lines 40 characters 
             long;  several lines may be used for a single advertisement.  

             A contact TELEPHONE NUMBER should be listed with each ad;  
             it is not counted in the 40 characters.

             An advertisement has a standard LIFE of 3 months unless 
             otherwise specified (maximum of 9 months).  The LIFE of each 
             advertisement is reduced by 1 at each mailing.  Those listed 
             with a LIFE of of 0 will be DELETED immediately prior to the 
             next mailing, unless REVIVED.

        For each message,

             - identify yourself, NAME and LETS NUMBER, please

        Then either:

             - ADD    

               ADD an OFFER, please: "Firewood, $50/cord 338-7777".
               ADD a REQUEST, please: "Babysitter 335-4444".

             - CHANGE 

               CHANGE my OFFER - 2.5 hp to 25 hp.
               CHANGE my ADDRESS - from 123 to 125 Dogwood.

             - REVIVE  

               REVIVE ALL my OFFERS and REQUESTS.
               REVIVE carpentry to LIFE of 9, Fresh fish to LIFE of 1
               (default is 3 months, maximum is 9).

             - DELETE  

               DELETE my REQUESTS for 74 pickup, interior decorating.
               DELETE my OFFERS for meat and landscaping.

        Note  - for CHANGE/REVIVE/DELETE you need only give enough 
               information to distinguish the OFFER/REQUEST within your 
               file.  The computer scans your file only and not those of 
               other members.

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        REA-4-2        Member Instructions.           January 8th,   1986


        Members' Agreement #3 -

             "The trustee will transfer green dollars from one member's 
             account to that of another only on the authority of the 
             member making payment."

             You can only transfer out of your account;  others transfer 
             into it.

        The acknowledgement may be - telephoned,
                                     written and delivered/mailed,
                                     charged by LETSCARD users.

        In all cases you must,

             - identify yourself - NAME and LETS NUMBER. 

             - identify the recipient - NAME and LETS NUMBER (if known). 

             - give the AMOUNT, in green dollars, to be transferred (no 
               cents please).

             - you may also add a DESCRIPTION of up to 30 characters, if 
               necessary for your own files.

        e.g. by telephone - 

                       Hi, this is Joe Peters, No.796
                       Please ACKNOWLEDGE Fred Hanson, No.88
                       $80 green for horse manure.

             by  written  note  - 

                       Please ACKNOWLEDGE Allied Autoparts, No.882 $47 
                       for parts - Invoice No. 1023431
                       Henry Gibson, No. 935 (signed)

             by LETSCARD - 

                       offer your card to the trader
                       check and sign the completed triplicate form
                       recover your card
                       retain your counterfoil to check with your
                       monthly statement.

        The responsibility for acknowledgement, its communication to LETS 
        for recording, and the correction of errors, lies with the 

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        REA-4-2        Member Instructions.           January 8th,   1986

        If you wish to CONFIRM the credibility of another member you may 
        do so.

             "Please CONFIRM that John Green is registered and tell me 
              his BALANCE and TURNOVER."

             That person will in turn be informed of your request, and be 
             told your BALANCE and TURNOVER.  No other information can be 


             The costs of operating the system are  charged, in green 
             dollars, to each member's account according to use.

                  Monthly mailing               $ 1.00

                  Per transaction               $  .25

                  Per line, offers/requests     $  .30 per month.


             If you are going to be out of the community for awhile and 
             do not wish to receive the mailings please notify us.  This 
             will save the LETSystem postage and you the monthly charges.

             "Please consider my account DORMANT for December/January, 
              I'm off to find some sun!"

        DEADLINES (you gotta have them)

             The DEADLINE for putting OFFER/REQUEST information into a 
             monthly mailing is the 28th of each month. 

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