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        REA-3      A society of friends.              December 12th, 1985

        A society of friends.

        Who goes there ?

        Is you is or is you ain't my baby ?

        The world is divided into two groups of people, those who divide 
        the world into two groups of people, and those who would never 
        think of being like that.

        Such distinctions serve limited purposes.

        The essence of this game is that it works for everybody, whether 
        they play or not.

        Even those who choose not to play, or even to attempt to 
        interfere with the game, should be treated with respect.

        It is the only basis for proper friendship.

        In our best interests.

        At the same time, no sense in being a damn fool about it.

        If a person consistently acts in a threatening manner, it is wise 
        to be secure from damage.

        Then one can afford to go past the obstruction without undue 

        One can act towards a person as though one expects convivial 
        behaviour and be able to repond properly if it arises, and yet be 
        perfectly able also to deal with anything else.

        Quite difficult, of course, but possible.

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        REA-3      A society of friends.              December 12th, 1985


        No threats to survival.

        The main thing about being in the company of friends is that you 
        can relax.

        They may not be doing you any great favours, but at least they 
        don't do any great damage either.

        At least not intentionally, or, not often, or you don't really 
        mind anyhow, since the insurance will cover it, or, what the hell 

        Generally, they refrain from acting in ways that threaten your 

        The problem with trying to stay friendly in an up-tight world is 
        that money means survival for so many of us, and the tighter 
        economy aggravates our anxiety.

        It is therefore very difficult to remain friendly with people 
        when money is changing hands.

        Some can do it, but they are few.

        If, however, the money that is changing hands is guaranteed to 
        return to the giver in due course, then survival is no longer an 

        This gives the ground for a convivial society.

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