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        REA-11          Administration.                January 8th,  1986


        People who run LETSystems need know nothing about computers.

        People who run computers need know nothing about LETSystems.

        In fact, you don't even need a computer to run a small system.

        All that is needed is a method of maintaining the accounts 
        through which the members acknowledge each others' contributions.

        Almost all of the LETSystems established to date started by 
        keeping accounts by hand, in a simple double entry ledger.

        If accounts are kept in this way, and a member has a regular 
        confirmation of his/her transactions and the person doing the 
        clerical work is paid in green dollars for that work by 
        deductions from each active account, then that functionally 
        constitutes a LETSystem.

        However, it helps to offer an information service, listing 
        members' notices of offers, requests, events and projects.

        This is most easily managed with a computer when the system 
        begins to get active, and the current LETSystem programs provide 
        for such a service, and allow for the direct charging for that 
        service to the member's account according to use.

        We consider that it makes sense to start your LETSystem, right 
        from the start, with minimal administration effort and cost.

        Find someone with a computer who is willing to do the data 
        processing for green dollars and subcontract all such work.

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        REA-11          Administration.                January 8th,  1986

        The arrangements described below are those for which the 
        administration forms and the LETSystem programs are designed.

        It allows for the complete separation of function between 
        administration and processing.

        Further details on both the administration forms and the programs 
        themselves will soon be included, but the situation is so simple 
        and straightforward that nobody need be nervous about learning 
        as it happens.


        The forms on diskette LCS-PROGS-1, suffixed .ADM provide for all 
        normal members' requests for service.

        The person responsible for the administration transcribes all the 
        incoming information onto these forms and passes the forms to the 
        person responsible for data processing.

             Data entry.

             The information is entered into the computer and listings of 
             the material entered in the session returned, with the 
             original forms, to the administration to be checked.

             No actual processing, i.e. update of the noticeboard or 
             accounts takes place  at this time.

        Entry checking.

        The forms and printouts of the entered data are painstakingly 
        checked for errors.

        The materials are returned to the data processor with clearance 
        to run them after correction of any errors noted.

             Data processing.

             Final correction of errors and updating of files.

             Output reports as required, i.e. account statements, 
             noticeboard listings, general ledger, etc.


        The last stage is the filing of entry records and the 
        distribution of statements, notices etc, as necessary.

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        REA-11          Administration.                January 8th,  1986

        Insofar as it is possible, LETSystems should be administered on a 
        part-time basis by several people rather than leaving it all up 
        to one person.

        If people feel that the process is being inefficiently or 
        improperly managed they should be invited to pitch in and improve 
        things themselves.

        It is important from the outset that the charges levied on member 
        accounts should closely reflect the actual and attributable costs 
        of the service provided to that member.

        It is common for many business operations to run one thing at a 
        loss because it creates profits elsewhere. i.e. bank charges are 
        often below cost to attract depositors so that the bank can earn 
        on the lending program, or to spread costs across all customers 
        in general, i.e. we pay for advertising whether we get it or not.

        Don't do it; after all the LETSystem isn't out for profit.

        Show people what the service costs and let their response to 
        those costs determine the direction in which the system develops 
        its services and support facilites.

        Above all, keep things simple and tidy until both the need and 
        the resources are present to expand.

        You can start the system without ANY of the usual paraphernalia, 
        office, business cards, telephones, photocopiers, etc.

        Only undertake overhead costs when it is absolutely clear that 
        they are justified, and can be covered by a prudent reserve.

        Program support available : 

                FILE           CONTENTS                           LAST REVISION

                LETS*    PRG   dBASE II source codes              various

                ACKREP   FRM   (Format files for LETS             various   
                TRADING  FRM   (      reports

                ???TMPLT DBF   Initial template files             various

        For more detail, refer to ID-14-7.

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