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        REA-9           Tactics and Strategies.        January 8th,  1986

                            Tactics and Strategies.

        It would be nice if this could be processed through the usual 

        However you may find there is a certain amount of resistance to 
        checking out the emperor's clothes.

        Economics has been a perplexing and distressing mystery to most 
        of us, and how could it be otherwise when so little agreement 
        exists between economists themselves on any matter of any 
        significance ?

        Most people are embarrassed to reveal a lack of understanding, 
        and will often parrot conventional words of wisdom rather than 
        take the risk of thinking things out for themselves.

        Some will not even know that that is what they are doing.

        Given the degree of confusion, it is of the highest importance to 
        define terms.

        Without some such definition, you will find it exceedingly 
        difficult to penetrate conventional obscurity.

        The current LETSplay materials are all designed to assist this 
        process, the essentials of which are :

             Define the situation - lack of money in the community

             Elaborate the problems - no money, no work, too bad

             Secure the willingness for improvement - why not, after all ?

             Identify the problem - money goes

             Propose a solution - our own money

             Test it out - LETSPLAY

             Make the offer - Lets do it

        In particular, the materials for the simulation game itself, with 
        emphasis on the graphics for pages 1 & 2 of ID-14-1, explain 
        almost all of the key ideas simply enough for any intelligent 

        Copies of this and any other suitable texts should be used to 
        clarify points of information, opinion and theory.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              REA-9     Page    1

        REA-9           Tactics and Strategies.        January 8th,  1986

        The game itself is highly recommended and can be applied in 
        many different ways.

        Small interactive meetings of four or five up to maybe twenty can 
        play out most of the simple ideas in a couple of hours.

        Workshop structures for larger groups are being developed, and 
        will not diverge greatly from the obvious.

        The game can be played intermittently over any time period, with 
        players making the game transactions whenever they happen to meet 
        by chance.

        It can be played through a telephone network, each player having 
        a list of telephone numbers of the others, and making occcasional 

        School staff rooms and other such places could maintain an 
        ongoing game with a simple wall board display.

        No computer is necessary, but sometimes it can help, particularly 
        with larger groups, involved in sophisticated games.

        A newspaper with an interest in the economic affairs of the 
        community it serves might find it interesting to publish some of 
        the information and perhaps thereafter establish some games and 
        report their development over a few weeks.

        If your local press wants to do this, contact Landsman for the 
        latest details.

        Each person who plays the game should be able to find out how 
        LETSystems work, for themselves, in their interests and those of 
        their friends, and for the community as a whole.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              REA-9     Page    2

        REA-9           Tactics and Strategies.        January 8th,  1986

        However, while you can take a horse to water, you can never 
        predict what it will do.

        Expect both evasion and unreasonable negation.

        This is all quite useful.

        It never does any harm to find out who's who, and the LETSplay 
        materials can be almost guaranteed to sort things out.

        The good guys have intelligence, integrity and almost invariably, 
        but not necessarily, a sense of humour.

        They are generally willing to look, able to see, responsible in 
        their actions, and don't take themselves too seriously.

        There are no other reliable distinguishing features.

        There are others whose influence upon local affairs is more 
        extensive than it is valuable.

        The process by which a person achieves status in the community is 
        often unrelated to actual ability.

        Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some, according 
        to Peter, have greatness thrust upon them precisely because they 
        are incompetent.

        A deadhead is a submerged log in a waterway, doing nothing useful 
        and presenting a serious hazard to navigation.

        Whatever channels you propose to follow it is useful to know 
        where the deadheads are.

        On the whole, it will be worthwhile getting clear responses from 
        people who are considered accountable.

        If people in public affairs respond trivially, unintelligently or 
        irresponsibly to these initiatives, they are unlikely to cause 
        any lasting impediment, and the record of their response will 
        hopefully have an effect on their future influence.

        In many cases, no response will be clear enough, thank you.

        It must be emphasized that only a few positive responses from 
        local leaders of opinion are needed to help your LETSystem 

        With any minimal support, particularly from the commercial 
        sector, negative influences can be largely discounted.

        Therefore, it will often be worth stirring things up a little, 
        just to find out who will be useful and who will be useless in 
        the future.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              REA-9     Page    3

        REA-9           Tactics and Strategies.        January 8th,  1986

        Up to this time, most local community development has resembled 
        an unsteered vehicle.

        Nobody really knows how things happen, whether this or that is 
        the steering wheel, whether this switch does anything at all.

        In these circumstances there are many opinions, and each is 
        almost as good as any other.

        And few of them really matter, since the opportunity to put them 
        into effect is minimal.

        In fact, an idiot in office is often no great problem.

        Sometimes it is the safest place to put them.

        LETSystems will however provide communities with remarkably 
        simple tools to realise and develop their own directions.

        Most vehicle accidents can be finally traced one way or another 
        to the nut behind the wheel.

        Since the steering wheels are about to become relevant, it makes 
        sense to find out who knows what is going on.

        First, you need to get their attention.

        The best way to do this will be judged by circumstances.

        Sleepwalkers should be awakened gently, people who are already in 
        panic may strike out at any contact, and there are some hair 
        trigger reactionaries in every group.

        Nonetheless, you may have to use a 2x4 simply to open communication.

        Quite extreme tactics may be appropriate if it seems that earlier 
        and gentler approaches have not penetrated outer defences.

        This must be managed carefully, of course, since you will have to 
        live with the results.

        Most who are rudely awakened will have the good grace to thank 
        you for your efforts.

        As for the others - relax, some people you can never please.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              REA-9     Page    4

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