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        PER-10           Connections.                 January 28th,  1986


             There are many people in the world who have clearly taken a
             stand that closely accords with the directions of LETSplay.

             They include writers, actors, musicians, artists, athletes,
             politicians, people from business, from education, from the
             churches, from all sections of society.

             Some are famous, and some are not.

             We have ourselves approached some of the more obvious of
             these in the hope of developing various forms of support.

             We are in need of recognition, encouragement and some
             financial assistance.

             After some time and little or no success, we decided that it
             would be more effective if these people were approached by
             personal friends or associates, who might be more successful
             in attracting their attention.

             You may know someone whose position, reputation or
             connections might be useful in the further development of

             We invite you to raise their interest.

             For a successful contact to develop, it is almost essential
             that you manage to communicate your own enthusiasm and

             The list below indicates some of the people we have
             approached or considered approaching.

             We would be grateful for any other suggestions, and for any
             discrete and appropriate action taken to develop useful

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        PER-10           Connections.                 December 12th, 1985

             Richard Bach

             Joan Baez

             Stewart Brand

             John Denver

             Bishop Remi De Roo

             Bob Dylan

             Barbara Frum

             Peter Gzowski

             George Harrison

             Mike Harcourt

             Mel Hurtig

             Ivan Illich

             Stephen Lewis

             Shirley Maclaine

             Adrian Mitchell

             Ann Mortifee

             Robert Redford

             Lister Sinclair

             Gary Snyder		

             Peter Speck

             David Suzuki

             Pierre Trudeau

             Jack Webster

             Nancy White

             Moses Znaimer

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              PER-10    Page    2

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