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        PER-7           Shifting paradigm.            November 26th, 1985

        Shifting Paradigm.

             There are very few occasions in the average life when we can 
             see major paradigm shift take place.

             The most common shifts are internal and personal, having to 
             do with new appreciations of relationship, and are generally 
             confused, with emotional, intellectual, political and other 
             dimensions intermingling.

             Even the most major of shifts of world view are largely 
             immaterial in the day to day existence.

             "So, the world is round, now help me cut this wood."

             "Relativity...who cares ?"

             We learn about money at the age of 4 or so.

             The majority of us take no further thought on the matter.

             The opportunity is to observe, to look and see, what happens 
             as this gradually dawns on you, and on others around you.

             Anthropologists and historians (and many others) often have 
             to start after the show is over.

             This cycle of events offers plentiful research material to 
             those who choose to look out for it.

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