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       Many of the most persistent and damaging problems of the modern
       economy have their origins in excessive indulgence in import and
       export processes, with inevitable detriment to the internal
       structures of the community.
       At the national, regional and local level a consistent pattern is
       becoming increasingly undeniable, a pattern of :
            - cash crop dependency for income,
            - external sources of supply for goods, energy, etc,
            - unemployment for some and misemployment for others,
            - inadequate local capital base,
            - cultural and political homogenisation, and
            - ecological deterioration.
       This tendency derives from two particular structural characteristics
       common to all national currencies, specifically that conventional
       money :
                 - is universally transferable, and
                 - originates from agencies external to the community.
       Any community relying exclusively on such currency is predisposed
       to the progressive erosion of local production facilities and an
       increasing specialisation in serving export markets.
       Variations in the flow of currency into the community tend to
       amplify any patterns of unproductive and distressing internal
       The community becomes increasingly vulnerable to the consequences
       of events in the outer world, generally beyond its control.
       Much of this detriment can be reversed by establishing a local
       currency to provide for a fuller and more effective application
       of the principal resource - human initiative, skill and effort.
       This is best achieved when the local currency is organised as a

            Landsman Community Services Ltd. has, so far, produced and
            distributed :
            1) The first proper identification and analysis of this
            2) Specific proposals for the remedy of the ills, including :
                 a) Analysis of the relevance of local currencies,
                 b) Definitive texts for the application of a particular
                    form of localised currency, the LETSystem,
                 c) LETSystem application support materials, including :
                      1) Elementary software,
                      2) Basic administration procedures and materials,
                      3) Simulation games with broad applications,
                      4) An introductory workshop/consultancy package,
                      5) Strategies and tools for system development,
                      6) Proposals for an inter-community database.
            3) Proposals for the financing and management of a LETSystem
               development and distribution program, offering in itself
               a dramatic demonstration of the potential of the concept.

                  IN SUMMARY                           January 8th, 1986

        There seems to be some problem.

                  Money, as we know it, is far from perfectly effective.

        This is a problem of our own making.

                  Money is a purely human invention.

        We often do things wrong, and this we did largely by accident.

                  Conventional money is a consequence of many centuries 
                  of erratic cultural and personal influences.

        Maybe we can do better with a little thought.

                  Any small change would be appreciated.

        Let's look at a problem.

                  There's never enough money around when you need it.
                  Everyone agrees with that - politicians included.
                  It's hard to get and hard to keep.
                  That's because it can go anywhere,
                       and because it can, it does.
                  So it's scarce and, like it or not,
                       we must compete for it.    
                  And the emphasis is on getting.
                  How can I get it ? - What can I get for it ?
                  These are the questions.

        Let's offer a solution.

                  Now suppose we also use money that stays around.
                  And suppose there is plenty of it.
                  Much easier to earn, and much easier to keep.
                  The emphasis returns to giving.
                  Giving service and giving acknowledgement.

        Conventional money is scarce and can go anywhere.

        Personal currency is plentiful and stays in the community.

        If we create money in a different way, and it moves in a 
        different way, we will see different results.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.                   SUMMARY   

ideas - reality - vision - perspective