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        PER-3           The big picture.              November 26th, 1985

        The big picture.

             Shifting an understanding is much like moving a foundation.
             Gestalts do not gradually emerge.

             "I thought I saw a .....
             "I looked again and saw it was ...."

             Logical processes tend to follow habitual understandings, 
             and the most difficult way to understand something new is by 
             trying to make sense of it.

             It may make perfect sense, but probably not in your normal 
             way of thinking.

             You will find it easier to see the whole thing if you 
             refrain from detailed examination of the parts until you 
             have established some overview.

             If you do not, you may examine the parts in isolation, or 
             inside the wrong frame of reference, and wrongly conclude 
             that they would never work. 

             Accordingly, this set of ideas is presented in a less 
             rigidly connected manner than most economic texts.

             "Even the concept of looking for something which is hidden 
             can be misleading in the circumstances.   What we have to do 
             is to see the relevance of something in plain view, which 
             has been known to us all the time, and the subtlety of this 
             task may more easily escape our efforts."

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