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        PER-14          The Office of the D.A.        December 7th,  1985

        It is illegitimate to express unfounded and unreasonable 
        criticism without a proper investigation.

        Since the LETSplay simulation game can used to fully and easily 
        explore all the contingencies, it is to be hoped that any serious 
        critique will be specifically referenced both to these texts and 
        to data derived from simulation game experience.

        I have little patience with those who would sit in the ivory 
        towers of academic or political or any other abstraction when 
        there is clearly work to be done.

        Any who irresponsibly disparage these ideas run the risk of 
        various forms of public dissection of their competence and/or 
        moral stature.

        This will be undertaken both " pour encourager les autres " and 
        for the sheer personal satisfaction I might take in disposing of 
        the irrelevant.

        Landsman Community Services Ltd.              PER-14    Page    1

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