vision - perspective - further

        PER-2      Looking and seeing.                November 26th, 1985

        Looking and seeing.

        Discovering reality.

             "God hath made man straightforward but he hath sought out 
             many inventions."    Ecclesiastes or Proverbs.

             The greatest difficulty appears to be getting enough out of 
             the light to be able to see anything at all.

             Most kaleidoscopes use little pieces of plastic or glass to 
             make their six-fold patterns.    Others use a clear lens 
             beyond their mirrors so that what you see are six images of 
             the world itself, wherever you point.    How many times have 
             we obscured reality with little trinkets ?

             Similarly, preconceived ideas can obscure a clearer 

             If you will insist that things are the way you think they 
             are, how will you ever see anything different ?

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vision - perspective - further