LETSgo - Package Outline

These pages are an early draft of the materials considered necessary to introduce a LETSgo project to a community.

In general, 4 or 5 items are needed.

Materials yet to be developed include:
    graphic elements / figures (some of which will be used in other pages)

This set of materials is being developed to be sufficient to outline the project to a "fresh" reader, who knows nothing at all about local money or LETSystems. If this material isn't at least heading in that direction, and likely to get there with some improvements (and some figures and graphics) - then please let us know so we can try again.

We ourselves will be trying it on a totally unscientific selection of subjects within our local community. We will report what results.

There are several people and organizations working on design and implementation of LETSgo initiatives, including Michael Linton and Ernie Yacub in Canada, and Angus Soutar , Nigel Stewart and Andy Blunt in Manchester, who all can be easily reached by e-mail.

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