Business in the Community

Business knows its place is in the community, and shows it by supporting community projects. That's not just good sense, it's also good for doing business - but it's a part of doing business that can cost heavily.

This proposal introduces a simple and effective way for any business in the community to be generous, to save cash, and to develop its customer base - an all-in-one way of doing good and doing well, with no compromise.

why? -
    you support your community because you want the best for it, and it certainly helps your business if the community sees you that way.

    but the cash costs of responding to even a few of the many appeals for help can be overwhelming, and even donations in kind are expensive.

    so you give till it hurts, and it does hurt.

how? -
    Provide "merchant credits" to the community project

    promises to supply - similar to discount coupons

    according to terms set by issuer

then? -
    the project sells the merchant credits for cash, to the general public

    "support the business that supports the community"

    the supporting sponsors come to the commercial sponsors as customers.

details? -
    contributions accepted in units of $500 (?) to total of $100,000

      10% circulated as a $2 value "coin" carrying the name of the sponsor

    various point of sale systems available - no significant set up costs

      all taxes, income tax and GST, are applicable to transactions in merchant credits

    there is no setup fee or administration charge for commercial sponsors,

      further programs are available

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