Supporting Sponsors

You'd like to support a good cause, you know it needs the help, but money is tight and you need almost every penny.

What can you do?

Here's something you can do, that works for all concerned.

A group of local businesses have shown their support for the good cause "lollipop", by donating to the project a total of $100,000 in "merchant credits", which they guarantee to accept in part payment for their goods and services. There are no time limits on these offers.

If you are willing to change some of your normal federal $, at par, for "merchant credits", then this will enable the project to put those federal $ to good use, so that your money gets to work on a community project.

And you won't lose a penny, as the merchant credits are good, $ for $, at the sponsoring community businesses.

What's on offer:
  • restaurants at 50%
  • retail stores from 40% to 10%
  • business and professional services between 50%
  • car maintainance services - 50% on labour

For a full list of participating business, and terms offered .....

How to get yours:

    Minimum exchange $200

      $180 on an account with a card,

      $20 in tokens (10 "dubloon" each worth $2 for local purchasing)

You know it makes sense - and it doesn't cost a dime.

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