LETSystems installation and training.

LETSystems are good for community. A community currency can keep people active when the federal $ is scarce, and support patterns of greater self-reliance in a regional economy. The LETSystem is the most advanced form of community money now available, with over 800 applications already in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, most of which have started in the last three years. Interest in community money is now rising in the USA, and we anticipate very rapid development in the near future.

LETSystems are workable. Administration costs in a well-established system run at 3% or less of the aggregate economic activity they generate, and charges of this level have proved readily acceptable to users. Systems require very little maintainance and will generally grow on their own and at their own rate, if the recommended procedures, requiring little more than a telephone line and message recorder, are installed and followed.

LETSystems are cost effective initiatives from the start. Initial costs can be as low as a few hundred dollars, and a charge of $25 to open a life-time account will cover all set-up costs for that account and establish a cash reserve to assure ongoing service.

There are many good reasons to start LETSystems right away - it can't do any harm, and if it's done at all well, it will do a lot of good.

LETSystem operations

Generally, it is best if at least 2 or 3 people collaborate in running the system. While one person can easily do it all, it is far better to spread the task and involve more people whenever possible.

A system with 500 users should only need 20 hours work (paid) per month to process accounts, distribute monthly statements, and circulate a newsletter and classified ad listing.

Any IBM computer with 640K RAM is enough to run the recommended programs, which need only 2 Meg disk space.

Training in LETSystems operation.

Very little training is necessary to run a basic LETSystem registry. If people can read the instructions and follow the recipe it will work out. All the necessary materials and guidelines are available on internet , along with help, advice and discussion.

However, 2 or 3 days are enough for a comprehensive training, particularly if any of the trainees are confident with computers, and this is highly recommended. If managed effectively, LETSystems can fly.

LETSystem Development Initiatives

While operating LETSystems is easy to finance internally, system development needs some form of investment of both time and money, and a reasonably predictable source of revenue to repay that investment. The first of several steps recommended by the designers is that LETSystem developers in any region introduce the first community currency by using it specifically to raise money locally for community projects and charities. This approach, which we call "community way", has both operational and financial benefits.

A community way program links people, business, and community organizations in good use of local money right from the outset, establishing a broad base of community acceptance. Substantial charitable donations in community money "prime the pump" of the local economy and give the system a running start.

The program also produces revenues to fund immediate and further LETSystem development - the initiators of a community way program can assume a revenue from it of 10 cents per person in the region. Later revenues are more substantial, but this first source of income is sufficient to properly establish a development program that will run for the next 4 or 5 years, and provide well paid work for many people.

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