Raising funds the community way

Community way is a new approach to locally based fund-raising that can provide substantial long term support to many areas of need. Donations in community way connect three sectors of the local economy - community service organizations, business and people. Each gains from the recirculation of the money, and nobody loses cash.

Any community can readily initiate this fund-raising program. It will work best when many local businesses and beneficiaries participate, but it can also finance a single project or individual cause.

How community way works

    - business donates credits, not cash or products, to the charities and/or projects of their choice, undertaking to accept the credits just like $, in part payment (usually between 15% and 50%) of a sale.

    - people finance the charities and projects they support by exchanging cash for those credits, $ for $, which they then use in any participating stores, restaurants, etc.

    - efficient and secure accounting is assured by point of sale procedures like those for charge cards.

Why community way works

For business, this is a simple and cash-free way to help the community, develop the local economy, and secure customer recognition and loyalty. And since the credits are as good as cash, people can help without hurting - by shopping local they vote for the community they want.

For beneficiaries, community way works much like the common practice of auctioning or reselling donated goods and services, but this program is more flexible, revenues are more predictable, and the agencies raise more dollars at less cost.

Community way opens substantial new funding sources for the whole community service sector, and eases competition between agencies; people can work less on raising money and more on what matters.

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