Money is Information

Fundamentally, money is an imaginary thing, made up by us, human beings, being human society. It certainly isn't real, nor is it limited by any real considerations.

Real things are limited. There are only so many apples in America, and that's a fact and one that can't be changed from what it is, just by saying so.

You can't make up houses, or apples or books simply by saying - let there be houses, or apples or books.

You can't create real things just by saying so. Real things take real stuff, like time, materials.

But money is made up in just precisely that way - money is created simply because people say so. And that's only because it is really only information. Otherwise it can't be done.

Consider, how many inches are there in this room? In Europe? Are there more inches in America than Doncaster?

A key distinction between imagination and reality is that imaginary things are as plentiful as we choose.

How many ways do I love thee? How many degrees in a summer ?

So, in summary - money can be created at will, and indeed is, through chartered bank loans.

When things need doing, and people are available to do them, there is no reason to be short of money. We can use some of our own.

BUT - any money must be stable to be of any use. If it "inflates" out of sight, then it becomes immovable and useless.

Fortunately, stability is no problem.

Written by Michael Linton of Landsman Community Services Ltd.
Version #003 27-7-96