LETS is invitation
      LETS is permission
        LETS is community
          LETS is collaboration

    There's no pressure - anyone can take it or leave it.

    LETSystem is a name we have applied to but one of the many possible arrangements for new money networks that can and will be brought into action. Other designs will be given different names, so that we all know just what we are talking about.

    LETSystems were designed right from the beginning to make a difference in the mainstream economy, so we have focused on compatibility with existing money systems and overall viability.

    LETSystems fit what's already there.

    LETSystems can't be stopped now.

      Not by law, in any sane society.

      Nor by avoidance, resistance, apathy or plain simple ignorance.

    LETSystems don't need universal support to work.

      They don't need anyone in particular to work either.

      All sorts of people and business and government might decline to take part,
      and those that do take it up will be just fine.

Written by Michael Linton of Landsman Community Services Ltd.

Version #003 27-7-96